Saturday, May 23, 2009

Learning to be a Housewife

With my recent graduation and current unemployment (I'm waiting to see where we're going...), I've become a stay at home wife. Something I never thought that I would do, not once in my life. Most girls grow up dreaming of things like their weddings, having kids, and staying at home. Not me. I always wanted a career working with deaf/hard of hearing children, a marriage (there's a difference b/w a wedding and a marriage), and kids, but not to stay at home with them.
I honestly give stay at home moms a lot of's just not for me. It scares me, to be honest. If I had to write a Postsecret it would read something like: I'm scared to death to have kids b/c I'm worried that I will raise them wrong or I'm afraid that I will forget about my kids. Yes, that's right, I'm absent-minded. So much so that I WILL forget something major, like to feed them (I've gone days without eating. Not b/c I have an eating disorder, but rather I just forget to eat. This is especially true when I have a crazy busy schedule.).
So in the past week, I have done just about everything that can be done in a 2 bedroom apartment. And, I think that I might go insane if I have to be stuck here for another week (or more!). Any ideas of what to do, that doesn't require spending money?

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