Tuesday, May 19, 2009

85 things in 850 days

I've seen this done...and decided to make my own "to do" list. Yes, it is a bit random, but so is my life. I use this site to calculate 850 days from today -- September 16, 2011. Here's my list:
1. Move out of our current town
2. Find a job that I love
3. Bake a pie from scratch
4. Keep track of my phone for 1 week
5. Get involved at church
6. Visit 3 new cities
7. Carve down a mountain
8. Hike 2 new trails
9. Begin a couples devotion with Mr. Happily-ever-after
10. Decorate for more than one holiday/year
11. Complete a Couch 2 5k program
12. Run in a 5k
13. Buy a new kitchen table
14. Send one card per month for 6 months
15. Start a Roth IRA
16. Begin recycling
17. Sew 2 quilts
18. Finish our cruise scrapbook
19. Go camping
20. Buy a house
21. Fold all laundry for 1 week
22. Decorate our bedroom
23. Learn 4 new recipes
24. Make ice cream
25. Eat a picnic at the park with Mr. Happily-ever-after
26. Attend church every Sunday for one month
27. Go to the beach
28. Read a book for leisure
29. Host a cookout
30. Pick a pumpkin
31. Eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day for 1 week
32. Organize our 2nd bedroom
33. Decorate a cake
34. Keep the house clean for 2 weeks
35. Take the dog to the park 1x/week for 1 month
36. Go fishing
37. Host a bbq
38. Buy a new bed
39. Cook 5 new, healthy recipes
40. Fold all laundry for 1 week
41. Send Christmas cards
42. Write a letter to my grandma
43. Go sledding
44. Recycle old phone books
45. Make tapas
46. Visit my sister (at her house)
47. Go to Disney World
48. Do yoga 1x/week for 4 weeks
49. Begin a swimming workout
50. Do not eat sweets for 7 days straight
51. Organize an office space
52. Volunteer in the community
53. Cook a turkey dinner
54. Start a holiday tradition with the Mr
55. See a ballet
56. Try 3 new, green cleaning methods -(6/5/09)
57. Donate $200 to charity
58. Organize an event
59. Plant flowers
60. Grow a garden (vegetables)
61. Send a care package to my younger sister
62. Complete the 30 day Shred
63. Go to my favorite restaurant and try something new
64. Buy new clothes
65. Get involved at church
66. Only use coupons/best deals to food shop for 1 month
67. Save over $5,000 in one year
68. Go on a fabulous vacation
69. Sew an article of clothing
70. Donate old clothing to charity
71. Pay off my credit card
72. Dust the house 1x/week for 4 weeks
73. Clean my oven
74. Write Mr. Happily-ever-after a love letter
75. Read a classic book
76. See a play
77. Give Mr. Happily-ever-after a back rub
78. Make fondue
79. Host a game night
80. Learn to can food
81. Start a compost
82. Get a pedicure
83. Drink only water and milk everyday for 1 week
84. Start a personal Bible Study
85. Do 15 regular push-ups in a row

Now that it is posted, I better get started. Some of these may need to be modified depending on how our lives work out, but tentatively I think I can accomplish all of it.
What would you put on your list?

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  1. Good luck on your list! I've got a few of the same goals in my 101 in 1001 :)

    I'm adding you to my links page if that's alright.