Friday, June 26, 2009

Crazy Week, huh?

This has been one crazy week in the media! First, Ed McMahon passed away. What a legacy to leave behind...I don't always pay attention to celebrities' lives because I'm a firm believer that they need their privacy as well...but, I had no idea that he was not doing well/sick.
Then, yesterday Farrah Fawcett passed away yesterday (I actually knew that she was not doing well).
The real shocker was the passing of Michael Jackson. I think the whole world is completely stunned by this. His recent actions are more than a little questionable, but his legacy on music is unforgettable.
These three have left impressions in the media that will never be forgotten.

In other news, this may sound like it contradicts my previous statement about privacy, but they put their business out there on reality television (versus playing a character in a movie/t.v. separate from you're personal life)...Although, I haven't wanted to play into the paparazzi spectacle so I've stopped watching. But, have read the headlines on CNN/MSN in passing and can't believe that Jon and Kate are getting divorced!
It was less than one year ago that they renewed their vows because (and this is the general quote) 'It is important for the kids to see that their parents are going to be together forever.' It just goes to show that a lot can happen in a year...and what happens when you put fame and money above family/marriage.
It also makes me realize how lucky I am to be married to Mr. Happily-ever-after. You see, divorce is not an option for us. We've discussed it (even recently with all of this going on) and would only divorce if every single option is exhausted (including lifestyle changes). We know that marriage is like tending to a can't plant the seeds and walk takes care and upkeep to be successful.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What to do in the off season?

With summer in full swing, I can't help but think about snow. What?! I know, I never used to like being all. I would count down the days until summer. Now I am the complete opposite - I find myself dreading the heat and looking forward to cold weather. The football, sweaters, wrapping myself in blankets, and most of all snowboarding.
I never thought that I would actually find going down a mountain at a fast speed fun, much less missing it during the off season. I like to be in control and know exactly what is going to happen next. That is not always the case when you're going down a mountain that you've never even seen before. Add in other people doing the same thing, and there is almost a recipe for disaster. But it's so fun. I find that it gives me time to think and let go. For a short amount of time, my life is somewhere else and the only thing that matters is having fun and letting go. It gives me complete clarity.
Right now, I miss that time away to think. So, I do what any avid fan would do - play Shaun White on the Wii almost every night. It's great - I use the balance board and go around the world to snowboard. I'm much better here than I am in real life, too.

It's not the exact same as the real thing, but it is the closest thing that I have found so far. And, since we cannot afford the time or money to travel during the off season, this is a close second. Plus, it is a work out. Mr. H and I have been running and eating healthy, etc, but we are both really sore after we compete against one another on this game. Weird, huh?
When our snowboards are not in use, we have them on the wall in our guest room. It adds a more personalized flair to decorating and gets the boards off the ground/out of the way. I love this picture because it shows how much shorter I am than Mr. H (it's about a foot difference in height!).

This picture doesn't show the height difference as much, but shows our boards. I was really lucky because my parents bought mine for me for my birthday a year ago (they got my bindings for me, too!). We bought Mr. H's snowboard after doing a TON of research. (He needs a wide board because his feet are so big and hang over and drag on a regular board).

Oh, how I miss winter!

Monday, June 22, 2009

#1 Find a job that I love

So before I went home and to visit my sister/brother-in-law/nephew, I had a job interview. The interview went really well, and was so right. It's a school for children with severe/profound disabilities that's about an hour away. They offered me a job, so I can officially go by Mrs. Happily-ever-after, M.S., CF-SLP. It is a pretty sweet deal...but, Mr. H. just found out that another university in another state is interested in him. So, what to do. Take the job and only work for a week or two (maybe even a month) or don't take the job and it doesn't work out in the other state?