Friday, May 15, 2009

My Husband Rocks Fridays

My husband rocks because he drove with me to pick up my sister and then listened to us gossip for 3 hours on the way back to my parents house....AND did not complain one time. (For those of you whom have had the pleasure of seeing my sister and I together, we tend to have full conversations of laughing in which we can understand one another, but everyone else has no idea what is happening.)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mini Vacation

So the Mr. and I took a much needed vacation to Washington D.C. It was so much fun! We mostly walked around on Monday to see the monuments (which I had never seen before). Above is the Washington Monument - it is sooo tall when you get close to it. (Sorry it's above the text, but it wouldn't move) It was a little cloudy, so don't mind the lack of sun.

Here is the World War II Memorial. It is quite possibly my favorite - absolutely AMAZING in person. The picture only captures half-ish of it. The memorial is really an oval...all of the columns have the names of the states and there are various quotes and dates of battles engraved throughout. Wonderful, highly recommended.

This is also the WWII Memorial; it's the "cost of freedom" wall. The gold part are individual stars that represent all those that lost their life in the war (even though you can't really tell in my picture). They reflect into the water. One word: beautiful.
The next stop was the Lincoln Memorial. Look, it's just like the back of my pennies! (j/k, even though it really is)
Here's Honest Abe himself. He's much larger than I pictured in my mind.
All of the architecture was gorgeous. This is the inside of the National Archives, right by where the articles of freedom are kept. The building was much darker than National Treasure portrayed; they have to keep it dark for preservation.
Here's the Capitol Building. We didn't go up to the building or go inside because of a lack of preparation (i.e. we didn't write to our congressman in advance to schedule a tour)...maybe next time.
It was an amazing trip. We were exhausted from all of the walking, so we went to the hotel and slept for a bit before meeting up with one of my friends from high school for dinner and to watch the hockey game. (It was tough to watch the game as a HUGE Pittsburgh fan in D.C. with all Capitols fans - especially since the Pens lost). It's a trip we plan on doing again, only seeing other attractions.