Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lets Go Pens!

Growing up in Pittsburgh brings a certain loyalty to all teams from the 'burgh. (I still LOVE the Pirates even though they are going for the record of most consecutive seasons below .500) Since it's technically Saturday and the 1st game of the Stanley Cup is tonight, I have to say - LETS GO PENS! It's time for Arnold Slick from Turtle Creek (Crick, is the Pgh pronunciation), Lord Stanley is coming home (I hope).
On a more serious note, the Pens made a Katrina-like storm (the Carolina Hurricanes) look like a mere tropical depression. They've 'not seen nothing like the mighty 'guins.'...if you don't get that, read on, read on.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Wii Fit

I’ve been doing a Couch to 5K running program. Correction, I had been doing. You see, I did well, then came the holidays, then I became really sick this spring and am just now getting better. I began to run again, and my right hip is starting to bother me. I stretch after the warm up and after the cool down, but it’s still not doing well…even with new shoes, etc.
Anyways, I’ve been doing Wii Fit to help keep me active, while not doing anything too strenuous. It has helped with balance and overall to help take pressure off of my right side (ironically, Wii Fit said that I put more of my weight on my right side)…I’m still going to the park to walk at least every other day. Hopefully I will be able to run at least once this weekend and get back on track.
I also love using the balance board for Shaun White Snowboarding, Mr. Happilyeverafter is amazing at this, seriously, and Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2009. I’m not totally convinced that the Wii Fit/balance board can replace an actual workout; it helps to keep me active. I’ve heard that the new Wii Active gives a better workout, does circuits, etc.; although, I have not tried it.

For further reading on the effectiveness of Wii Fit, read the following (these are not the most reliable sources of research, but what do you expect to find on the internet):
Fitness Magazine
Consumer Reports (old, but still somewhat useful)
Wired (for the gamer in you, don't be ashamed)
Wii Mommies (for all those parents. No, I do not fall into this demographic)

Thursday, May 28, 2009


For those of you that don't know, I am quite possibly the most unorganized person on the entire planet (just ask my parents, husband, college roommates). I'm trying to turn a new leaf, especially before we move. This site give amazing tips for organizing your life. Also, I'm an Organizing Junkie gives great tips (including Menu Planning Monday, which I plan on participating in).
I've been cleaning out all of my old clothes...I still have some from high school! Do I really need them? No. So I've taken 3 trash bags full of clothes to the Goodwill. Our closet now fits both of our clothes, plus I have more space in my dresser (I was used to having 2 before we got's amazing how much you realize you don't need when space is cut in 1/2). Now if only I could get Mr. Happily-ever-after to get rid of some of his old clothes (My personal favorite is a maroon t-shirt from undergrad that was mended, def. not by me, with pink thread - seriously, he has a TON, this one needs to be tossed, not worn).
I've also gone through all of our kitchen 'stuff.' I threw away anything that said "Made in China." Due to the threat of ingesting lead-based paint, no one needs that. Then I made a donation pile of drink ware we've collected (mostly wine glasses) and do not need any more. Other items around the house are either being donated or auctioned on ebay (like the NASCAR wheel for the Mr's XBox 360 that he just had to have, binders from my school days, and other misc. items from around the house). Luckily, my mom volunteers with Relay for Life and many things were given for their rummage sale (you know, those wedding gifts that are nice, but just not really your taste).
I seriously wish that I had pictures of how much we've gotten rid of in the past month or so....More organization updates to follow!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jon and Kate Plus 8....a little late

Okay, let me start by saying that I am very opinionated when it comes to families...if you don't agree, that is fine with me...I'm not going to argue. This is how I feel.

So I watched Jon and Kate Plus 8 on Monday night. I honestly haven't kept up with it since they began making every episode into an advertisement for a product/toy/trip. I like seeing how they live and make it work - AT HOME. I don't care to watch 30 mins of tv, 20 of which are spent with product placement. I'll stick to commercials/the internet for that. But, with everything in the tabloids (including Kate's alleged infidelities, Jon's social activities, the money, the fights, etc) I had to watch.
It was sad to watch them not do interviews together. What struck me as even worse is (and this may be from the tabloids) that the paparazzi or "p-people" were at the birthday party. I remember watching an episode where they said that they would continue to do the show as long as it was 'normal.' My question is: at what point do you call it quits? Your marriage is falling apart (in front of a national audience), ugly rumors are being spread, you can't have a regular birthday party due to the paparazzi, and, from what friends have told me, only one parent (Jon) spends time with the kids on the show b/c the other (Kate) is frequently out of town...seriously?!?!
Now, I cannot say that I blame them. They were in a situation in which they needed money, and jumped at the chance to do the show. I would have done the same. However, the second my family started to fall apart is when I would call it quits. Hard times are part of every marriage, believe me, I know. During those times, it is best to take a 'timeout' to be together and regroup. Maybe that's what they need to do - step out of the spotlight and take a moment to breath. For the sake of their children.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I'm addicted... America's Next Top Model, that is. They've had marathons of previous seasons on Oxygen all weekend. Mr. Happily-ever-after has to work this weekend, and I have totally indulged myself with watching the show. The photo shoots are amazing, even though I would never be able to pull that off. I give all of those girls soo much credit for putting themselves out there in front of so many people. But seriously, how much fun would it be to do some of those shoots? They would be 'fierce.' To have the opportunities to meet the designers and wear those clothes would be surreal. If only I were about 6 inches taller, sigh.