Friday, May 29, 2009

Wii Fit

I’ve been doing a Couch to 5K running program. Correction, I had been doing. You see, I did well, then came the holidays, then I became really sick this spring and am just now getting better. I began to run again, and my right hip is starting to bother me. I stretch after the warm up and after the cool down, but it’s still not doing well…even with new shoes, etc.
Anyways, I’ve been doing Wii Fit to help keep me active, while not doing anything too strenuous. It has helped with balance and overall to help take pressure off of my right side (ironically, Wii Fit said that I put more of my weight on my right side)…I’m still going to the park to walk at least every other day. Hopefully I will be able to run at least once this weekend and get back on track.
I also love using the balance board for Shaun White Snowboarding, Mr. Happilyeverafter is amazing at this, seriously, and Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2009. I’m not totally convinced that the Wii Fit/balance board can replace an actual workout; it helps to keep me active. I’ve heard that the new Wii Active gives a better workout, does circuits, etc.; although, I have not tried it.

For further reading on the effectiveness of Wii Fit, read the following (these are not the most reliable sources of research, but what do you expect to find on the internet):
Fitness Magazine
Consumer Reports (old, but still somewhat useful)
Wired (for the gamer in you, don't be ashamed)
Wii Mommies (for all those parents. No, I do not fall into this demographic)

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  1. Hubby just surprised me with the wii active a few nights ago and I have to say it is a much better "workout" than the fit board! He was sore the next day from the circuits..I laughed...until I became sore too!