Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jon and Kate Plus 8....a little late

Okay, let me start by saying that I am very opinionated when it comes to families...if you don't agree, that is fine with me...I'm not going to argue. This is how I feel.

So I watched Jon and Kate Plus 8 on Monday night. I honestly haven't kept up with it since they began making every episode into an advertisement for a product/toy/trip. I like seeing how they live and make it work - AT HOME. I don't care to watch 30 mins of tv, 20 of which are spent with product placement. I'll stick to commercials/the internet for that. But, with everything in the tabloids (including Kate's alleged infidelities, Jon's social activities, the money, the fights, etc) I had to watch.
It was sad to watch them not do interviews together. What struck me as even worse is (and this may be from the tabloids) that the paparazzi or "p-people" were at the birthday party. I remember watching an episode where they said that they would continue to do the show as long as it was 'normal.' My question is: at what point do you call it quits? Your marriage is falling apart (in front of a national audience), ugly rumors are being spread, you can't have a regular birthday party due to the paparazzi, and, from what friends have told me, only one parent (Jon) spends time with the kids on the show b/c the other (Kate) is frequently out of town...seriously?!?!
Now, I cannot say that I blame them. They were in a situation in which they needed money, and jumped at the chance to do the show. I would have done the same. However, the second my family started to fall apart is when I would call it quits. Hard times are part of every marriage, believe me, I know. During those times, it is best to take a 'timeout' to be together and regroup. Maybe that's what they need to do - step out of the spotlight and take a moment to breath. For the sake of their children.

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