Friday, July 31, 2009

Show Us Your Life Friday - Wedding Flowers

Kelly at Kelly's Korner has a great blog carnival called Show Us Your Life. In the past the themes have been about showing your house, and my house is not anything to show. All of our furniture has been free (except a $20 bookshelf from Target), and nothing goes together yet. Oh, the life of a grad student. Well, this week is wedding attendants/flowers/ceremony. I've included some pictures of my dress, too, since I did not participate last Friday.

My attendants were my two sisters (Maid and Matron of honor), Mr. H's two sisters, and my college roommate. Sorry, no pictures since I do not even put pictures of myself, I do not want to put a picture of someone else without her permission. The girls wore black dresses that pulled to the side (my dress did the same). They all carried multi-colored Gerber Daisy bouquets (daisies are my favorite!).

I had white roses (that ended up not being so white) and Stephanotis (which is similar to the white violet - my sorority's flower). The flowers were dried and framed and now hang in our bedroom - a great way to remember the day.

Here are my flowers with our rings. Look how much larger his hands are than mine (makes me wonder what our children will be like!). Mr. H. used yellow gold for the engagement ring because my wedding band was my great-grandmother's wedding band. I absolutely love my family and family traditions being incorporated into our lives, so I was thrilled when everything worked out.

One interesting attendant that we had and most wedding do not is a sign language interpreter. My undergraduate and 1st master's degrees are in Deaf/hard-of-hearing education, and wanted to incorporate this part of my life into the wedding. (Mr. H even learned how to sign in order to know what my PIC and I were talking about in college. That and there was a large Deaf population/culture on our campus, so most people learned at least a few signs.) My friend, Joy, did a wonderful job. Since we were the only 2 that graduated from the D/hh program our year, we signed in each other's weddings (so fun!).

Here is my dress. It's from David's Bridal because I could not see myself spending a ton of money on a dress that I was only going to wear once (I fought with my mother over this fact on so much for the wedding - I just wanted to be married at the end of the day and did not get too wrapped up in the details). It originally had cap sleeves, but I did not wear those because it was too much on me. I would like to have my dress made into Christening gowns for our children some day.

There's my veil (wish I had a better picture) it had little details on it that matched my dress. And that is my dad hiding with me before he walked me down the aisle...such precious moments.


  1. Thanks for popping over to my blog.
    I loved your bouquet!
    And thanks for turning me onto the Organizing blog. (Although my husband might not thank you ;o) ) I LOVE this blog!!!!
    I love to organize things but she gives me even more inspiration.