Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Other Love of My Life

So I discovered a new love (okay, so I've seen it for awhile, just didn't act on it): Polyvore. It's amazing. You can create art, outfits, looks, etc. Some of the items are unattainable for me (i.e. the $1,500 clutch purse...), but many are affordable. Mr. Happily-ever-after said, "Goodness, you don't need a find like this," in regards to the site/my picks (it has taken me years to finally get him to part with jorts. I'm not kidding)

Here's my first set...kinda bland, but I couldn't find a color that looked right. In the end I decided that silver is the perfect color to play it safe with this color of pink. Sorry it's so small...

BTW - does anyone know how to really upload these on here? I've seen it done on multiple blogs, but cannot figure it out.

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