Friday, June 5, 2009

My Husband Rocks!

After a small hiatus from MHR Fridays (not because he doesn't rock...more like I don't rock for not posting), it's back. My husband rocks because he constantly challenges me to try new things that normally I would not even consider. Socially, he’s a definite extrovert. He’s always talking to someone and is ‘Mr. Advice’ to so many people; he’s always been like this. In college he would stay up all night sometimes helping someone who was feeling down. Me? While I love people and am generally considered to be outgoing, I much prefer to be a home body. I am so happy on our date nights when we get a movie from redbox, sit on the living room floor, and hang out. Mr. Happily-ever-after is always encouraging me to go and hang out with people. I end up having a blast most of the time, and am glad that I went. If it weren’t for him, I’d probably be a hermit by now.
Mr. Happily-ever-after is also a huge thrill-seeker. I like to play it safe; the less risk, the better. He has gotten me to try all sorts of things since we have been together. I now love snowboarding; whereas before I was terrified by the thought of going down a mountain at high speeds in which other people would only be there to break my fall. We also tried scuba diving on our cruise last summer. I was a swimmer in high school, but hate the idea of being trapped underwater and of getting bitten by fish/sharks/octopus, etc (I think I’ve seen Jaws a few too many times). But, he wanted to do this excursion, so I compromised and went. It was so much fun.
Mr. Happily-ever-after is always encouraging me to try new foods, ideas, ways of living, and I love it!

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