Friday, May 8, 2009

Lost to do!

In preparation for our weekend guests, there is much to do around the house! Here's a list (it doesn't sound like much, but I absolutely abhor spending a whole day cleaning):
  1. vacuum (including moving all of the furniture to ensure we don't have dog hair everywhere)
  2. do 3 loads of laundry
  3. fold said laundry and put it away
  4. put sheets on the guest bed
  5. organize a TON of papers that are scattered around the house (we don't have one place for our mail, so it gets sprawled out)
  6. organize the closet in the 2nd bedroom
  7. clean 2 bathrooms
  8. sweep and mop the floor
  9. make a run to goodwill
  10. grocery shop
  11. make dinner
  12. shower
  13. get ready for graduation tonight
Like I said, it may not seem like it's a lot, but it really is for me. Wish me luck with completing everything!

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