Saturday, July 11, 2009


Everything went well on Wednesday. The Dr said that I'm still recovering from c.diff (I haven't had it since early March!) and my nerves in my GI tract are still on edge. He gave me some medicine to help ease the constant pain I've been having. AND I got pictures of my vocal cords....I would post them, but my computer won't let me upload pictures from my camera or scanner right now. That, and if you have ever seen pictures (I suggest using google if you haven't), they kind of look like another part of female anatomy and I don't want blogger coming after me for posting explicit pictures, even though it's innocent enough.
Since I've been home and taking it easy since I still cannot eat a whole lot, I've been working on a baby gift for a friend of mine from college. It's an adorable lion quilt that looks similar to the one below, but not exactly (darn camera!). I hope she and the baby like it!

This weekend friends from undergrad, Carolina Couple, will be visiting. We're going to various places around the state/area because Mr. H and his friend are obsessed with the show Man v. Food on the Travel Channel and they have to try these wings and a burger and hot dog...I'll be taking pictures and enjoying the company.
Happy Weekend!

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