Monday, July 20, 2009

Remeber these?

Mr. Happily-ever-after and I are in Florida visiting his family. We're enjoying some time hanging out and relaxing. Since we've been here we have played board games from childhood, especially after dinner. I had forgot how much fun Life can be...especially with a 5 year old (I kept thinking that I'm still trying to figure out 'Life'). OR Uno? Remember that one? I haven't played it since I was younger. It is still so much fun, especially now that we're older and have strategies on how to play (like saving all of your draw 2's for the person with 1 card left....or who ever won last time). Seriously, these games were so fun...I think tonight might include Clue. That is, unless my niece convinces everyone to play the Candyland DVD game (somehow I don't think that will be quite as good as the real thing, but we will see).

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