Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy Hump Day!

I must admit that Wednesday is quite possibly my favorite weekday for two reasons: (1) the name still gets me when someone says "happy hump day" and I'm not expecting it from them like a boss or casual acquaintance (juvenile, I know, but it's the small things) and (2) if you make it through the day then you're more than half way through the week. #2 is mostly the reason because I'm a bit of a list maker (even though I rarely make it through my whole list). I always have been, probably always will be. I even counted down the minutes of every single class from high school through my last course in grad school.

Makes me sound organized, right? Yeah right is more like it. I am quite possibly the most unorganized person on the planet. My mother still tells me that I would lose my head if it was not attached to my body. I try. Seriously, I've been working on getting better; however, the thought of cleaning often holds me back. You know, looking at a pile of stuff to organize, the piles of mail, half finished projects. They kill my life. I get so overwhelmed and do not even know where to begin. (If anyone has any advice on how to overcome this cleaning anxiety, I welcome any and all ideas!)

Well, lately I've begun to turn a new leaf. I've decided that waking up to a sink like this outweighs any negative feelings that I have toward cleaning. I mean really...who wants to wake up to grimy dishes that need to be washed before you even use them? Dawn doesn't go well with coffee.

Instead, I make sure that my kitchen sink is clean before I go to bed at night. It looks more like this. I wake up every morning with one less item on my daily to-do list and a lot less avoidance of my kitchen. One of my mom's other famous lines from growing up was 'It will only take 2 minutes' to try to motivate my siblings and I to get something done. And she is so right with this one (don't you just hate when you realize your mom is right...or worse, that you are becoming your mother...scary)


  1. I've always laughed at the "Happy Hump Day" comment as well. I can't help it! :D
    I too have the same dishes philosophy. No matter what I have to finish them before bed because I hate starting the day trying to make breakfast in a dirty kitchen.

  2. LOL! It's the worse when you figure out your mother was actually right!
    I'd say my tip is just START! there's no right or wrong way, but just pick up one pile and start little by'll feel better in the end! I have the opposite problem, I just throw everything away when the pile starts bothering me...threw out my wedding license once!