Sunday, June 14, 2009

85 in 850 Update

I've completed a few items from my 85 in 850 list.

#4: Keep Track of my Phone for 1 week
My family and friends will tell you that I am notorious for not keeping up with my cell phone. They typically call Mr. Happily-ever-after if they need to talk to me (he's the one that is glued to his phone). Since this is often my only line of communication (we don't have a land line), I thought it was a good goal to set. I have successfully kept track of my phone for 10 days now....I didn't lose it once!

#9: Begin a couple's devotion with Mr. Happily-ever-after
Going to church has always been part of my life (Mr. H. grew up much the same). During our marriage counseling it was recommended that we do a couple's devotion because it helps to form a strong marital foundation based on faith. We use Devotions for Couples by David & Teresa Ferguson. It is a one-year book and goes by date. We started on June 1 (the date we started), not at the beginning of the book. Admittedly, we have missed a few days and just picked up with the current date instead of back tracking. This book is a great way to end our day with reading on faith and reminding ourselves of the little things that make a good marriage into a great one.

#21&40: Fold all laundry for 1 week
Oops, I made the same goal for 2 numbers! Anyways, folding laundry is the bane of my existence (as is most cleaning). Mr. H. and I usually have laundry folding parties to split up the work, and make it seem like it might be fun. Part of the dread is the shear volume of laundry we have...we usually have at least 4 loads/week. I have been washing and folding all laundry for about a month now (since graduation), just haven't documented it.

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  1. He He, Hi a very cute blog. Its always good to have a cell phone. I agree once you maintain a cell phone, land line is not required. In my house my entire family use cell phones and we truly don't have a land line and we don't need one though! :) And yeah i don't miss Church on Sunday's. It strengthens the faith I have. :)